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A Tough Night

by Derek Robbie
Derek Robbie
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Sept 4 - It was a tough night for the Derek Robbie and the DDR Motorsports team at Seekonk Speedway on September 3, 2011. The team spent the week repairing the rear end of the car after it was discover to be bent from the Waterford accident. A delay caused by Hurricane Irene in receiving the new axle tube only made matters worse. The team was forced to work right up until it was time to leave for the track in getting prepared. Being sure everything was fully ready for the night was highest on the priority list. This was accomplished and the team to the track for practice with great confidence.

Practice and the qualifier went without any real incidents. The car was a tick loose and this was remedied with a couple of chassis adjustments. The qualifier race saw Derek in a tight battle with the father and son team of Dick and Tony Dubois with Derek coming ahead. From there it was on to preparing for the feature.

The feature started out fairly uneventful with Derek running mid pack battling the Dubois's and the 16 of Stan Mertz. Up front there was slight contact and the 12 of Rob Richardi ended up backwards in turn 3. On the restart the battle continued with the 77 of Tony Dubois getting by on the outside. Derek kept pace and tooled along for several laps with the 12 on the outside of him. On lap 11 everything in front of Derek got jumbled when the 77 broke free and started to spin. As he tried to correct the slide the car suddenly turned right towards the wall. This happened at the same time the 12 was trying to get by to avoid the spinning 77 and severe contact was made. This turned the 77 back down the track into the path of our #27 and heavy contact was made. This turned both cars around and into the backstretch wall. With the front suspension broken and water leaking from the radiator we were done for the night. Derek thankfully walked away with only a minor bump to his right thumb and the unfortunate experience of another DNF.

Back at the garage after surveying the damage it was determined the front clip was twisted and we will be spending the next couple of weeks repairing the car. This will force us to miss the next race but has not dampened the team's spirit. As Derek says "There will be another race". Follow along on our Facebook page as we will be posting pictures of the rebuild of the car.

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